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6 Reasons To Choose Aqua Nutrition


No more bad tasting oils that our bodies waste. Our products have a 99% absorption rate compared to other CBD oils that have as little as a 5% absorption rate. As a result of having a higher absoprtion, our livers don’t have to work becuase everything gets absorbed.

Zero THC

Our products have Zero THC in them, they are broad-spectrum. Some CBD brands have .3% or less, but ours has ZERO THC. There’s no need to worry about athletes failing drug tests or workplace drug tests.


Our products contain a 50/50 blend of CBD & CBG. CBG is referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids”. Scientists believe it holds a greater promise than CBD from a medical standpoint. When used in combination with CBD, it provides many more benefits. There are very few products currently on the market that use CBG.

Powerful Herbals

Not only do we use CBD & CBG, our products also contain over 90 vitamins, minerals, nootropics, electrolytes and primary adaptogens. So in addition to all the healing benefits of cannabinoids, you are also getting your necessary nutritional ingrediants. No need for a multivitamin! 

Nano-Sized Particles

While CBD is typically 2,000 nanometers, and other nutrients can be 5,000 nm or more, we bring the particle-sized of each ingredient down to 7 nm, nearing the picometer threshold. This allows for a fast-acting, potent delivery to the cells.

No Risk

We have faith that our products will meet your expectations. For some reason if you don’t like our products within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund.

Don’t just take it from us.

See what our customers have to say!

  • I am taking 2 servings of CILI Swish (up to twice a day) and RELIEF Spray under my tongue a couple times a day, and I am pain-free!

    Sharon Sand
  • He refuses my cbd oil or take my pain meds and only see’s a chiropractor. Last night I convinced him to try the product: Instant relief! So much so he had no limp, no pain. This morning he took the Swish and Relief spray. I’m so grateful Guy. So very happy.

  • I started taking a cap full a day, a week ago. Sometimes two depending on soreness from surfing. I have very sensitive skin and after one week I see my skin clearing up and anxiety cut by more than half. Can't wait to see the other wonderful things this product helps with in the future.

  • Well, I have to say it has been amazing so far. I no longer feel like there is someone sitting on my chest. My anxiety and mood swings have leveled out almost completely. I am sleeping better and have definitely felt a more consistent energy/mood throughout the day! So basically I am in love with this product!


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