Why CBD Can Make You A Better Athlete

As an athlete, you are constantly undergoing physical wear and tear on your body. 

Athletes undergo long practices, gym workouts, game day, and stress of performing to the best of there ability. Athletes rarely take breaks and have to push through their pains. As CBD starts to become more mainstream athletes are turning to it for pain relief and for a faster recovery. They are dropping prescription medication like ibuprofen, opioids, and etc. 

Painkillers can do a lot of damage to your body and can be very addictive. Linda Cottler is the founding chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Florida college of public health and profession. She did a study on former NFL players using opioids four times more than the general population. CBD is a safer and more effective alternative to pain medication for athletes. 


Still don’t believe us? Here are four ways CBD can benefit athletes. 


  1. Anti-inflammatory: Athletes have to take special Medication to avoid injuries. CBD is an all-natural cure for pain instead of using pharmaceutical medication. Taking CBD before and after workout keep to inflammation and swelling down. 
  2. Faster recovery time: Plants have the natural power of healing. The natural plant benefits of CBD alleviates the soreness you may experience, relax sore muscles, stop seizures, and lower the risk of diabetes. 
  3. Enhances Performance: CBD helps the body’s nervous system to relax. The stress of everyday life, to game day nerves, can get in the way of mental clarity. CBD gives you the right mindset to tackle whatever your day throws at you.
  4. Improved Sleep: Body restoration is key to a healthy lifestyle. CBD allows for a deeper and more restful night’s sleep. You will wake up feeling ready to tackle the day’s worth of activities without the aches and pains of not having CBD to give you the extra relaxation.
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