Why you should distribute our products



No more bad tasting oils that our bodies waste. Our products have a 99% absorption rate compared to other CBD oils that have as little as a 5% absorption rate. As a result of having a higher absoprtion, our livers don’t have to work becuase everything gets absorbed.

Nano-Sized Particles

While CBD is typically 2,000 nanometers, and other nutrients can be 5,000 nm or more, we bring the particle sized of each ingredient down to 7 nm, nearing the picometer threshold. This allows for a fast-acting, potent delivery to the cells.

Zero THC

Our products have Zero THC in them, they are broad-spectrum. Some CBD brands have .3% or less, but ours has ZERO THC. There’s no need to worry about athletes failing drug tests or workplace drug tests.

Brand New

These products have only been out for about 3 months! Many people have heard of CBD, but not like this. The market is still very unsaturated so you won’t be running into people who have already been apporached about this product.  


There is nothing better than selling something that helps & heals other people. It is very fullfilling when you can improve the quality of someones life by getting them a product that can do wonders for them.

Support Group

Don’t worry about having to do this on your own. Once you join our team, you will be given access to a private group with other team members to collaborate and ask any questions that come up. 


Our products contain a 50/50 blend of CBD & CBG. CBG is referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids”. Scientists believe it holds a greater promise than CBD from a medical standpoint. When used in combination with CBD, it provides many more benefits. There are very few products currently on the market that use CBG.

Powerful Herbals

Not only do we use CBD & CBG, our products also contain over 90 vitamins, minerals, nootropics, and electrolytes. So in addition to all the healing beneifts of cannabinoids, you are also getting your necessary nutritional ingrediants. No need for a multivitamin! 

Best Compensation

Our compensation plan is the BEST on the market. We have a 95% dollar to BV ratio. Most companies are around 70%. We also give you a car, travel and healthcare bonus that can total up to $15,000 a month!

Booming Industry

The cannabis industry is still in its infant stages. The CBD industry is currently valued around $1 billion. The industry is expected to reach $22 billion by 2022! That is a 2200% growth!

No Risk

If you don’t like the products or change your mind about distributing them, that’s okay. Within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund and cancel your membership.

24/7 Guidance

We are going to mentor you the whole way to get you where you want to be. We will provide you with custom resources and literature to show to potential customers or distributors. NO, you will not be alone throughout this journey. 

See what our customers are saying

Instant Relief! So Much So He Had No Limp, No Pain.

Great news!


I received my product last night and Sean used it. He had a benign giant cell tumor removed 20 years ago that ate his bone away the size of a pear. The bone loss was replaced with bone cement – a success  story yes, however, because of this, Sean suffers from great pain. It’s worse than arthritis pain causing him to limp resulting in hip and lower back pain.


He refuses my cbd oil or take my pain meds and only see’s a chiropractor. Last night I convinced him to try the product: Instant relief! So much so he had no limp, no pain. This morning he took the Swish and Relief spray. I’m so grateful Guy. So very happy.



Swish for joint pain, yes it truly gives relief

I can honestly say I no longer need prescription pain meds! NONE!


I am taking 2 servings of CILI Swish (up to twice a day) and RELIEF Spray under my tongue a couple times a day, and I am pain-free!


I have had Chronic XXXX disease for more than 25 years. This disease has caused degenerative joints in all of my fingers on both hands, hips, knees, lower back, neck and shoulders (pretty much my whole body). For many years I had to take opioid pain killers prescribed by doctors… which in turn created a cascade of other health issues. Enter Swish to the rescue.


THANK YOU Guy Brilando for introducing me to these wonderful products and opportunity.


-Sharon Shand

My anxiety and mood swings have leveled out almost completely.

Well I have to say it has been maazing so far. I no longer feel like there is someone sitting on my chest. My anxiety and mood swings have leveled out alsmot completely. 


When I first started I was doing one capful in the morning but i noticed by like 3:00 in the afternoon I would start to get agitated so I started taking two capfuls in the morning and that went away. 


I am sleeping better and have defiantely felt a more consistent energy/mood through out the day! So basically I am in love with this product!!



Why you should start now

1. The CBD industry is rapidly growing and is expected to grow 2,200% over the next 3 years. The longer you wait, the more people learn about CBD and start using it for themselves.

2. CILI By Design is a new company that just launched in late May of 2019. You have the opportunity to join a company that is in its infancy stages.

3. The market is very unsaturated with water soluble CBD. It is the new way of taking CBD to maximize its benefits in your body. It is only a matter of time before all the retail stores want to start selling our products because how much more effective they are than anything currently on the market.

4. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, after you join our team you will be given a FREE ebook that contains all the tips and tricks we have learned thus far and a detailed guide on how to get these products into any retail store.

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