Blood Test Results

1st blood test with no CILI Swish in system. Blood cells are stressed due to inflammation.

2nd blood test 5 minutes after taking 1 capful of CILI Swish

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Written Testimonials

Instant Relief! So Much So He Had No Limp, No Pain.

Great news!


I received my product last night and Sean used it. He had a benign giant cell tumor removed 20 years ago that ate his bone away the size of a pear. The bone loss was replaced with bone cement – a success  story yes, however, because of this, Sean suffers from great pain. It’s worse than arthritis pain causing him to limp resulting in hip and lower back pain.


He refuses my cbd oil or take my pain meds and only see’s a chiropractor. Last night I convinced him to try the product: Instant relief! So much so he had no limp, no pain. This morning he took the Swish and Relief spray. I’m so grateful Guy. So very happy.



Mental clarity has sharpened notably.

My knees and shoulder pain have disappeared. Also, my mental clarity has sharpened notably.



Swish for joint pain. Yes, it truly gives relief.

I can honestly say I no longer need prescription pain meds! NONE!


I am taking 2 servings of CILI Swish (up to twice a day) and RELIEF Spray under my tongue a couple times a day, and I am pain-free!


I have had Chronic XXXX disease for more than 25 years. This disease has caused degenerative joints in all of my fingers on both hands, hips, knees, lower back, neck and shoulders (pretty much my whole body). For many years I had to take opioid pain killers prescribed by doctors… which in turn created a cascade of other health issues. Enter Swish to the rescue.


THANK YOU Guy Brilando for introducing me to these wonderful products and opportunity.


-Sharon Shand

My anxiety and mood swings have leveled out almost completely.

Well I have to say it has been maazing so far. I no longer feel like there is someone sitting on my chest. My anxiety and mood swings have leveled out alsmot completely. 


When I first started I was doing one capful in the morning but i noticed by like 3:00 in the afternoon I would start to get agitated so I started taking two capfuls in the morning and that went away. 


I am sleeping better and have defiantely felt a more consistent energy/mood through out the day! So basically I am in love with this product!!



After one week i see my skin clearing up.

I started taking a cap full a day, a week ago. Sometimes two depending on soreness from surfing. I have very sensitive skin and after one week I see my skin clearing up and anxiety cut by more than half.


Can’t wait to see the other wonderful things this product helps with in the future.



It’s helped me with my knee issues TREMENDOUSLY.

Its a great product. Its helped me with my knee issues TREMENDOUSLY!!. Its helped reduce the swelling & little to NO pain!


I’m SOLD!! 💗



Amazing results, fast-acting, easy to use, Healthy!!!!

Amazing results, fast-acting, easy to use, Healthy!!!!


Less pain.
Better sleep.
More energy.



There is no denying the results!!!

Can’t believe the energy we have felt right from the beginning! Also, many less aches and pains!


We just packed our whole house for moving, then unpacked, and seriously…almost no back pain, even with all that heavy lifting and bending!


There is no denying the results!!!



It Truly Works!

It Truly Works!


I take the Swish daily and I feel better also the Relief, Boost, Sleep, and Serenity works with the Swish. It compliments each other.



My level of clarity is reversing the aging process.

I took Boost for the first time June 1, had such a surge of energy and endurance that I immediately did 50 push ups and haven’t stopped. This after 18 holes of golf 🏌️‍♂️in 90 degree weather.


My workouts are more intense 🏋️‍♂️and OMG my level of clarity is reversing the aging process… 🦸‍♂️



Aquaceutical Nano technology provided healing hydration!

Diagnosed with Glaucoma schedule for f/u in 3 months. Started taking product and returned for f/u. Retesting showed normal pressure. Eyes 95% water…hydration critical for healthy eye function.


Aquaceutical Nano technology provided healing hydration!



The sleep spray is the one that gives me a full nights sleep.

I take the Swish daily which helps me with staying focused, however the sleep spray is the one that gives me a full nights sleep….



CILI swish Helped with Parkinson’s.

My Dad has Parkinson’s and it has helped with his leg pain.



an area of dry skin on my eyelid is almost gone.

I’ve been using the product for a week or so, my sleep has improved, an area of dry skin on my eyelid is almost gone, my chronic neck pain has lessened.



Top of the line products for top of the line people!

If you want the highest of quality products and you are interested in CBD and nutritious supplements this is your go to for cellular nutrition at its finest.



Swish providing relief for ankle pain.

Swish. It has helped me with my ankles not hurting when I walk.



Increased Energy.

Minor aches and pains are gone. Increased energy.



I’m a heart Patient.

Im a heart patient, I get a lot of relief from the product.
awesome results. love Cili and the business. Thanks



Tremoundous Product!




Sound Sleep

The Sleep is A—MAZING!!!! No more waking up in the middle of the night… sound sleep…




Yes! Helps my artritic pain a lot!



Feel the Difference!

The leader in CBD/CBG. The best is right in front of you! Feel the difference! 



Took Away My Leg pain!

CilibyDesign is great. It certainly took away my leg pain. I no longer need a cane for walking.



I am Amazed!

I’ve been taking this swish every day and I have noticed an overall improvement in my well-being, and I take serenity as needed for my anxiety. I am amazed how quickly after swallowing this product do I feel better! 💜



Works Amazingly!

Great product!! Works amazingly! My go-to supplement for just about everything! 



Better Sleep

Better sleep and more focused during the day. Bumps on my hands from arthritis are going away, and has helped with discomfort from varicose veins.



The Best

The best cbd available combines CBD and CBG



Less Pain

Plenty of energy

Less pain

Sleeping soundly

No night sweats

Thank you CILI!!!


– Poiette

What a Relief

I had pain in knees for 5 years and opioids did not solve the pain. When I went to Cilibydesign Swish the pain

was gone. It amazed me! What a relief.

Thanks & God bless Us All, Bob




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